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    African business meeting holds today. Dm me for more details

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The international youth parliament, call for young leaders sub Saharans to join the new platform in construction, Egyptian,Tunisian,Algerian, for more information contact what's app 00244947984753.

GUM ARABIC: GROWING DEMAND MEANS NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR AFRICAN PRODUCERS.Gum arabic is a resinous material obtained from the stems and branches of certain species from the Acacia genus. It is a strategic commodity with numerous industrial applications, including in confectionery, beverages, other food industries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and printing.

Round Table: The Economics of Gum Arabic in Africa

Gain access to the massive BBC Africa Market

SMYLE AFRICA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2017, in Abuja, Nigeria NigeriaPlus Citizen Journal Nigerian Online-Community

To make Products of Nigerian origin Global- the driving force should be from the private sector.The relevant government agencies should make the business environment friendly.There should be deliberate efforts to raise awareness of the critical mass of advocates, practitioners and promoters of GIs

About Nigeria Geographical Indications (GIs), 2017- Making Nigeria GIs Global

Sub-Saharan Africa Business Network shared a link.

Get your tickets for the @Smyle_MediaArts 2017 #SmyleAfricaMusicFestival

Akwa Ibom launches Africa’s largest syringe factory


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